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POWERFUL Native American Wisdom | Good Buffalo Eagle

Good Buffalo Eagle, co-Founder of Anasazi Foundation, talks about the Sacred Gift of Choice, given to all the Two-Legged Beings.

From the book The Seven Paths

Transcript of The Sacred Gift of Choice | Native American Wisdom:

I am Good Buffalo Eagle. Hear my words. The Creator gave all two-legged beings. We call this the Gift of Choice. Regardless of where we are born, all come to earth with this gift. Along with the Gift of Choice, all Two-Legged beings have a sense of knowing right from wrong from the one Who Stands Within. Therefore, the Gift of Choice allows us to choose knowingly.

My Pauline, the Woman of my Heart, states that in her Navajo language, life is a walking, a journey. So, if life upon Mother Earth is a journey, there are two ways to walk.

By applying the Gift of Choice, we can choose to walk forward or we can choose to walk backward. Because we choose knowingly, with every step we take forward or backward, we are accountable.

Because we are accountable, there are consequences. Consequences, however, are not chosen. They might be delayed, but by and by they will come.

Forward Walking choices are rewarded with consequences that light the way to peace, happiness, joy, comfort, knowledge, and wisdom. Backward Walking choices bring to the Two-Legged beings consequences of misery, despair, and darkness.

At the end of our lives, when our bodies are about to be laid in Mother Earth, we will know for ourselves whether we are a Two-Legged being full of light or a Two-Legged being full of darkness. At that time, we cannot turn around and point a finger accusingly in the air. WE will know because WE are the ones who chose to walk forward toward the light or backward toward darkness.

Hear my words. For you, you can turn toward a new beginning. Don’t believe the dark whisperings that invite you to walk backward. At any time in your life, no matter how young or old you are, you have the power to turn and walk forward.

We extend and invitation to all ot utilize the power of the Gift of Choice, which will teach us. Let’s look at the present and with anticipation into the future at what we can becomeā€”a Two-Legged being full of light!

I am Good Buffalo Eagle and I have spoken.

Good Buffalo Eagle, a Native American and co-Founder of Anasazi Foundation, shares wisdom from The Seven Paths of the Anasazi Way.

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  1. This article in FB about choices ( which is excellent) is NOT in the book “Seven Paths”! Or at least I haven’t found it. where can I get a copy? I need it!!! I would like to reference in a talk at Church.

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