ANASAZI Foundation, Parenting

More Connection, Less Correction

How can parents help their troubled teen? Michael J. Merchant, the President of Anasazi Foundation says “The more connection, the less correction,” and that “Our influence as parents rests on how often we have those connections with our children.” He then shares a remarkable story of a mother who wouldn’t give up on her son. Watch the video to learn…

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ANASAZI Foundation, Wilderness Therapy

What Is Wilderness Therapy?

Kira Roerig, a Family Therapist at Anasazi Foundation, talks about wilderness therapy and why it is so effective at helping individuals heal. LEARN more about Anasazi Foundation. READ The Seven Paths. TRANSCRIPT of Video: At Anasazi, we use a wilderness therapy approach where, basically, nature is sort of one of the “teachers,” one of the main teachers of the children…

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